CWRU Rodent Behavioral Core - FAQ

Q: When will the Core be fully set up and running?
A: We are now fully running in both Wolstein and ARC buildings. However, due to the smaller size of the Wolstein facility we are somewhat restricted in the amount of tests that we can offer but we provide basic phenotyping, and some memory & learning, motor and anxiety test. For specifics on the tests that are currently offered please contact the Core Director.

Q: Do I have to be a faculty member at Case Western Reserve University / University Hospitals to use the services of the Core?
A: No. The process involves acquiring ARC approval prior to shipping. Non-CWRU users will be required to fill in a Non-standard vendor form in addition to the behavior order form. Health status records will be solicited from the investigator's ARC facility and reviewed by the ARC veterinaries. If the animals are deemed “clean”, they can be transfered to CWRU and housed in clean quarantine for typically 3 weeks, after animals have been treated for parasites and sentinel tested we will begin behavioral testing. If animals are found to be “dirty” by the ARC veterinary team animals will not be able to be tested in our facilities. Some additional charges apply (e.g. housing/per diem charges and administrative fees for the transfer and billing).

Q: What do I need to do if I'm writing an IACUC protocol and I want to do behavioral testing through the Core ?
A: PIs that send protocols for IACUC approval in which behavioral testing will be carried out through the Core need to specify which tests will be carried out by the Core and indicate the Core's IACUC protocol number (given upon request) in the summary statement. Also, One Attachment N form is necessary, however all that is required is to list the tests and the Core IACUC protocol number - Descriptions for each test are not required.

Q: Do I need to request IACUC approval prior to carrying out behavioral testing through the Core if my IACUC protocol has no behavior listed?
A: Yes but we will take care of this. The Behavior Order Form serves as an IACUC addendum that is approved prior to testing and filed under the PIs existing IACUC protocol. The process is as follows: once we have received the Behavior Order Form we fax the form to the IACUC office for approval and filing. Approval typically takes 24-48 hrs. So yes, approval is needed but no, the PI does not need to do anything beyond sending the behavior form to the Core. Forms requesting aggression testing may need to be approved by a full IACUC committee in which case the wait is longer (contact director for more information). The Core also has an approved IACUC protocol that covers all of the behavioral tests described in our website. For Non-CWRU PIs, the animals are admitted to CWRU facilities via non-standard form process and are transfered to the Core's IACUC protocol so behavioral testing is carried out under the Core's protocol.

Q: Can I transfer animals from the Wolstein to HSAF and then return them back to the Wolstein after testing?
A: Animals located in the Wolstein can be generally transferred to the HSAF for testing, the Core will assist in all the transfers. If animals need to be returned to the Wolstein they can do so after the animals are sentinel tested and deemed “clean” by veterinary staff, charges for sentinel testing are the PI's responsibility. Animals that are transfered to the Behavior Core housing room at HSAF will need to remain in that room (11N) until animals are euthenized.

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