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All clients are required to fill out the service request form posted on our website and send it by email or fax to the Core. The core director will provide a formal quote for services after evaluating an investigator’s particular needs. Below are some pricing examples for various tests (not all offered tests are listed). Discounts apply for a battery of tests or an ongoing project. Fees do not include animal purchase, genotyping, breeding, or per diems while in the Core facilities (IF Non-CWRU), although animal purchase can be coordinated if desired.

Technician Services $80/hr* $125/hr
Equipment/Room use $40/hr* Not available
Consultation Services $125/hr $175/hr
Training $40/hr Not available
  • *Note: This is for animal batteries of 20 mice or over. Batteries of less than 20 mice will be charged at $85/hr.
  • *Note: For equipment use: Access to equipment is available for restricted tests and only when Core services are not taking place using the room/equipment. All behaviorally tested animals MUST be housed and remain in 11N after testing. Consultation and training by the director MUST occur prior to equipment use. All investigators using selected equipment MUST have direct IACUC approval to carry out the test. Weekend use rate is $30/hr.

  • Technician rate includes 2hr of pre-testing handling, test execution, data compilation, and summary data sheets.

  • Initial hour for discussion of pricing/design/protocol with the director and basic interpretation of the data (provided when data is sent) are free. Consulting rate is charged for assistance beyond these points.


Prices below are based on 20 animals (i.e., 2 groups of 10 animals) for CASE/UH Faculty/Researchers

  • 10 animals/group is acceptable for publication
  • 5 animals/group is acceptable for pilot

Cognitive Tests Price Motor Tests Price Sensory Tests Price Tests of Emotion Price
Y-Maze $240-300 Rotarod $220-270 Hot plate $160-200 Elevated plus maze $240-300
Passive/Active Avoid $480-540 Inclined screen $200-250 Tail flick $160-200 Light/Dark preference $240-300
T-Maze $400-620* Muscle strength $160-240 Visual Cliff $280-350 Startle response $480-560
Object Recognition $480-540* Beam Walk $220-320 Visual Position $80-140 Marble burying $240-300
Fear Conditioning $480-540* Open field $240-350* Basic Hearing $80-140 Pre-pulse Inhibition $800-900
Radial Arm Water Maze $1175-1600# CatWalk TBD Basic Olfaction $160-200 Resident-Intruder $480-640
MWM $1600-2000* Sticky tape$240-350* Social Recognition $270-370 Forced Swim $160-240

*= Various protocols available/and or pre-training required - Pricing more variable

#= Radial Arm Water Maze is for 16 animals

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